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biography           (Marquise: Who's Who in the World)

MBA 1974  INSEAD  (#1 non US business school of the world)
PhD. 1970  University Vienna,  Austrian Academy of Sciences , nuclear physics, spin distributions

systems specialist

b. St.Valentin Austria oct 4 1945
s. Friedrich and Ida (Jungbluth) Winiwarter
married to elsa genese, sculpteur *
    *see citation and picture on research scope page, heading short before the big bang

Consultant, OECD NEA nuclear data bank,
Paris, Frane  1970-71

Senior scientist, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research.
Dubna, USSR  1971-72

Consultant, International Atomic Energy Agency.
Vienna, Austria  1972-73

Senior consultant, Arthur D. Little  "think tank"
Operational  Research (OR) models for multinational companies, OPEC ...
Cambridge. Mass., USA 1974-82

Visiting Professor,   Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI),
 LPTHE  Laboratory for  Theoretical and High Energy Physics
Collaboration with Prof. Bertrand Roehner
Paris, France 1986-87

Technical  IT advisor,
chief editor  "HI-micro", technology watch
First implementation of a full text search engine (Verity) on a private worldwide
IP-Network before the  term "intranet" existed.
Paris, France 1989-94

IP Group Peaktime,

Design and implementation (with Yve Cresson) of
 "Viewtime"   ,

the world's most powerful
"brainwashing" system for TV advertising.
definition of viewtime from Time in seconds for which an advertisement is visible.

Design and implementation of the world's first TVnews video search engine "Searchtime".
Paris. France 1995-2004

American Field Service scholarship AFS,
California, USA, 1963-64
Austrian Min. Education research fellow, 
Saclay, France 1970-71
United Nations research fellow, 
Dubna, Russia (USSR) 1971-72

Member International Society for Systems Sciences (ISSS, former SGSR),
French division (President, 1986-88)
International Neural Network Society.  N Y. Acad. Sciences.

"Nietschewo"  nietschewo edition Lector

dada: raising Percheron horses percherons

Office: bordalier institute, F 41270 Boursay, France
          director since 25 years